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My family didn’t ever “do” holidays. Every year when my friends went off on their fancy sailing holidays or 5-star all-inclusives at the ‘James Bond Beach Club’, I would go to my grandparents’ finca (farm) about 75km northeast of Madrid that had no electricity, a self-sufficient water supply from an underground lake, and a few beds. The memory of some incredible sunsets and the atmosphere of flickering paraffin lamps at dusk still sends my rather active imagination into overdrive. It really was a beautiful place.

These stints in real Spain nurtured a love for Spanish culture, language and like the rest of the world, a love for its gastronomy. This fascination for all things Spanish impacted my academic choices at school and eventually I went on to study Modern Languages at the University of Birmingham, studying Spanish, French & Portuguese. As part of my degree, I spent a year living in Chile which allowed me to explore a significant part of South America. After graduating, I quickly realised that I wanted to work in travel, so I spent some time working for a luxury tailormade travel company in London. However, eventually I decided that I wanted to achieve something specific in the travel industry: to allow people to really get to grips with the culture of where they visit, like the finca. Within the travel industry, there are too many large coaches of people being herded from one place to the next without very much care for how this impacts the locals or how impersonal this might be for their clients and this is what Hidden Cultures aims to change. Be it locations that are a little off

the beaten track or travelling around quite well-known areas but taking in local hidden secrets through self-exploration and with the help of a local guide.

Hidden Cultures’s blog will provide inspiration for you about locations you can travel to which are just a bit different. Although some of these won’t be on our website (others will!), please do get in touch and we can book them for you. Sign up to our newsletter, follow us on social media and join us to experience travel differently.