About us

Welcome to Hidden Cultures!


Chris (Founder):
My decision to start a travel company was born out of a desire to provide a different sort of travel. My love of foreign culture stems from a summer holiday house, a small olive farm set on the outskirts of Spanish town called Guadalajara, which my eccentric grandparents used to own. We called it the Finca, which means farm in Spanish. The Finca had no electricity so in the evening at sunset, we lit paraffin lamps around the farmhouse and sat to watch the sunset over the valley until the olive trees became silhouettes against the mountains. I grew accustomed to Spanish food, listened to the Spanish language and eventually began to realise, as I matured, how rich and diverse Spanish culture is.

Fast forward several decades and I found myself studying Modern Languages at the University of Birmingham and on a plane to Santiago, Chile, where I lived for a year. I took advantage of my time in South America to travel as much of the continent as possible and became as enthusiastic about South American culture as I was about Spain’s. Gradually I realised that to gain an insight into any country’s culture, it is useful to immerse yourself in its history, nature and politics but what is essential, if you are to truly understand people’s local customs, is to enter the realms of their gastronomy. Our tours very much highlight this. After all, what would Italy be without pasta?
I hope you enjoy browsing our holidays and if you have any questions, please do get in touch with me.

Jonathan, Non Executive Director:

Jonathan has over 18 years commercial experience, working both in house and then running his own business. Having graduated with a business degree he started his career at the world-renowned Cambridge University Press, working in international sales and marketing. He then went on to run a successful digital marketing agency (Studio 24), which he built up into East Anglia’s leading digital agency. Jonathan now runs his own business consultancy and was appointed to the board of Hidden Cultures in 2018 to provide guidance and a critical eye to the operations of the business. His love of all foreign cultures even extends to his other half, who is Brazilian. Read more.


What do we do?

Escorted Tours: Hidden Cultures specialises in delivering the very best escorted tours that take in more than just the iconic destinations of a country or region. Our fully managed tours are run in small groups, which allow you to enjoy your holiday without the impersonal feeling of being herded from place to place.

Short Breaks: Our short breaks are designed to get you into a cultural haven as easily as possible. We offer breaks to many unique locations that will almost certainly raise a few eyebrows when you tell people where you’re going. Say au revoir to Paris and Bongiorno to a luxury cave in Italy.

Activity Holidays: Holidays are always an adventure and what better way to explore than by being active. We provide a diverse range of activities which will enable you to go canoeing, hiking, biking and anything in between. We’ll provide the inspiration, you carry out the exploration.